• TESTING AGILITY 101: Techniques and Practices in Testing Within Sprints

    If any of these ring a bell, this course is for you:

    • You want to learn what good agile testing looks like in high performing agile teams
    • You want to know how to increase your value as a "manual tester" within your team
    • You need to improve your skills and approaches to work better in a cross-functional team
    • You can't run all your tests within the sprint

  • Testing Agility is Extensive, Not Exclusive

    Moving the mindset and approaches from "QA in agile development" to "testing agility in product development"


    A common anti-pattern for teams moving from waterfall to agile software development is keeping testing (mislabeled "QA") as a phase.

    This results to a "mini-waterfall" and prevents the emergence of a self-organizing agile team.


    Common symptoms include testers not knowing what to do at the start of the sprint, tests not completed within the sprint, and testers still writing extensive test plans and cases.

    Testing Agility

    Testing must instead happen extensively all throughout product development; it is an activity for each capability, feature, or "story" - not a phase.


    Testing only when code is created shows a narrow understanding of testing as a process rather than as a craft.


    We test both to detect and prevent problems through a risk mindset, supporting the entire team from end to end with our expertise in exploring and critical thinking.

  • The LEADER Mindset

    I have mentored and coached testers and teams on improving software quality while delivering iteratively, and have found the following principles emphasize the mindset and habits toward testing agility

    Lean Product Development

    Work towards fast feedback and learning

    Agility and Collaboration

    Build shared ownership of quality

    Design Thinking

    Understand the user's story, and test extensively for it

    Risk-Based Testing

    Test to mitigate problems, not to validate the specs

  • Learning Sessions

    What will you learn and experience in this course?

    LEADER Mindset for Testing Agility

    More than changes in tools and processes, testing agility is a change of habits and behaviors. In this session you will experience the shift in mindset required to make quality a team responsibility, and how you need to realign your approaches in testing to support this change.

    Testing Beyond Specs, Before Coding

    You can only claim to test "for the customer" if you actually understand your customer. In this session you will experience discovering the customer journey, creating user personas, and doing agile requirements analysis from a testing perspective.

    Heuristic, Risk-Based Test Strategy

    How do you shift the mindset from verification and validation to skilled exploration and evaluation? In this session you will experience how to use test heuristics and risk-based test design to come up with a lean testing strategy. You will also experience ruthlessly prioritizing your tests based on customer value and risks.

    Session-Based Exploratory Testing

    Skilled exploratory testing is not "ad-hoc" testing. It is testing critically 'beyond the box'. In this session you will experience how to create good test charters, estimate them, run them as test sessions, document them through session notes, and report them with metrics and debriefs.

    Lean Test Documentation

    Teams moving to agile software development find themselves unsuccessfully trying to fit traditional testing activities within an iteration. Worse, they allot a separate sprint just to complete their tests. One of the main bottlenecks is test documentation.

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    Testers / QA, Developers, Business Analysts, or any testing practitioner in agile teams


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