• How do we facilitate meaningful change?

    After years of experience in IT and management, I realized that product development remain highly process-oriented with very little regard to the context where it exists and to the people that creates it. Through exploration and experimentation of different initiatives, frameworks, and practices with big and small organizations, I have found common elements to making awesome products:


    Deep understanding of lean and agile principles, and applying them in context
    Ruthlessly and relentlessly focusing on value to customers and key stakeholders
    Engaging people in designing their experiences in the change journey
    Partnering with leaders and teams on shared ownership of outcomes


    And while it may be common sense to many, it is surprisingly uncommon to most. It is my intention to help others build these competencies, deliver delightful outcomes, and guide them through the change required to achieve it.

  • I take great pride in inspiring others to lead

    I help grow leaders and facilitate successful organizational change since 2011 primarily on areas of agile management, lean product development, Management 3.0, context-driven testing, and experience design.


    I am also currently the only licensed facilitator of Management 3.0 in The Philippines, co-instructor of Black Box Software Testing courses with the Association for Software Testing (USA), a Certified Scrum Master, and co-founder / active leader to Agile, Software Testing, and Experience Design communities in The Philippines.

    I completed my Master in Technology Management and BA Political Science from the University of the Philippines. I also speak at regional conferences and local communities in Singapore, Indonesia, and The Philippines.

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