• Agile Testing

    How does your testing keep up with agility? If any of these ring a bell, this course is for you:

    • You want to learn what good agile testing looks like in high performing agile teams
    • You want to know how to increase your value as a "manual tester" within your team
    • You need to improve your skills and approaches to work better in a cross-functional team
    • You can't run all your tests within the sprint

    Management 3.0

    It is the future of management, which is all about doing the right thing for your team, involving everyone in improving the system and fostering employee engagement.

    I offer mentoring, coaching, and workshops on Management 3.0 and Agile Leadership to help you support agility and self-organization.


    UPDATE: First Public Workshop in Manila by October - click below to know more

    Core Agility + Scrum

    Agile is simple but not easy. You must go beyond the events, roles, and practices to succeed - and dive deep into the core principles, contexts, and elements that fuels it.
    Scrum provides the lightweight framework to get started. To sustain agility, however, you must appreciate the principles and values behind the Scrum practices. I can help.

    Agile + UX

    How can agile and user experience work? No - it's not about doing a UX sprint ahead of Dev.

    You need to design for experience within a team context throughout product development. Agile+UX is iteratively designing for minimum testable experiments (vs. minimum viable product) for rapid customer feedback and response!

  • How I See Things

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  • Areas of Engagement

    These are areas I usually help clients with. Let's chat if you want to explore specific areas to collaborate.

    Agile Enablement and Coaching

    Training, facilitation, coaching on team agility, product development, and testing. I can help your teams and organization be more agile (e.g. through Scrum, Kanban), improve testing agility, and integrate experience design / UX to the development pipeline.

    Leadership Development

    Development of new and emerging leaders, and mentoring experienced ones. I can help you develop your Scrum Masters, Product Owners, team members, and agile advocates.

    Consulting Retainer

    Access to consult on agile, organizational change, leadership, and testing. You can contact me anytime, anywhere for strategy, advice, and feedback - or just to coach you, your leaders, or teams on making the most out of agile and software testing.

  • How I Work

    We work closely together to get to the outcomes, with progressive feedback mechanisms along the way



    I explore the challenges you face, understand your context, and agree on initial steps.



    We engage your teams and leaders on the journey, and adjust the course from feedback


    Feed Forward

    We fuel the passion and momentum through ongoing mentorship support

  • Recommendations

    More professional recommendations in my LinkedIn

    May Ariola

    Scrum Master, Philippines


    "Ian has an innate gift of touching people to their core and help them to work towards their best potential. He has a very personal and contextual approach, designing initiatives based on the uniqueness of the context of the organization and its leaders."

    JM Roxas

    Lead Engineer, Philippines


    "Ian cultivated an environment that allowed different teams with different circumstances to adapt and solve problems on their own. He took time to understand the context by which teams operate and to provide coaching that is relevant to each team."

    Wee Keat Chin

    CTO, Australia


    "Ian's insights and intuition on team dynamics is second to none. He brings out the best in each of the team members, driving them to continuously improve while fostering a healthy collaborative environment for everyone to thrive in."

  • Partners

    Some of the companies I collaborate and have built working relationships with based on trust

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